レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん

レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん



This indicator, based on レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん the ATR, allows you to identify the potential reversal on price and helps you identify the Support and Resistance. When the price moves far away from the multiple moving average, the background color changes : - Red for Short potential entry - Green for Long potential entry There are 2 ways to レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん use this script : - Conservative : Use it.

XAUUSD: Congestion Zone

Congestion zone include at least 3 candle sticks that the next candle has an opening レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん and closing price within the previous candle When the price returns to the congested zone there is a possibility of a reversal The congestion zone is used as a support-resistance area and is used レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん by price action traders. This script will highlight congestion zones, this will help.

BTCUSDT: .b dual dynamic SR

This is dual band dynamic S/R indicator It works on longger swing than BB 20,2 band rage, and I think It works well. even on the rapid price change, it quite woks well. If price goes out of 1st S/R band range, 2nd S/R band shows up on the chart. Because of large bandwidth, An area in which an actual candle is drawn may be displayed as small. So, with some.

EURUSD: Close Over/Under Level

If you want to be alerted when a price レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん closes above or below a given level(s), then this indicator is for you! 😁 Whether you're looking for a breakout, or some change of structure, etc, this should come in handy. Usage: レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん Just add a level(s) (anything above 0). Optionally plot lines. Set alerts as normal. Enjoy!レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん

BTCUSDTPERP: Chips Average Line (volume price) by RSU

This is a very important レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん volume-price indicator for me. Displays the average cost of chips for the short term (30 days), medium term (60 days), and long term (200 days). Chip lines act as support and resistance. The longer the trend days, the greater the レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん strength. usage: 1. Breakout: If the stock rises, it must be above the short-term chip line. And gradually.

ETHUSDTPERP: Vegas+200+Big Vol by RSU

1. Vegas channel The Vegas channel indicator is very effective as a short, medium and long-term trend observation indicator, and it has obvious support and resistance functions. 2. EMA200+MA200 Usually ema200 or ma200 is used as a watershed for fund institutions to evaluate the long-short trend of a stock trend. 3. Big volume box Big volume is often used as a.

BTCUSDT: Triangle line

Hello all .. Triangles are similar to wedges and pennants and can be either a continuation pattern, if validated, or a powerful reversal pattern, in the event of failure.


Hello all . this is the source trendline of the three pivots with adjustable resolution and length function to find a breakout or breakdown

ES1!: High/Low/Open/Close Daily, Weekly, Monthly Line

I wrote this for the purpose of saving レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん time while marking up charts by automating the process of drawing and labeling lines at areas of interest on larger timeframes while still having the option to change the style and size of the lines and labels to adjust for any timeframe and avoid a messy chart. I also used this as an exercise in menu organization.

SPX: HSRL - historical support resistance lines

HSRL provides an indicator of how support and resistance are changing over time. It calculates the percent change in lows, and percent change in highs, then plots them. The HSRL is calculated as the support change - the resistance change. Can be effective in レジスタンスライン れじすたんすらいん confirming trends, with green being the most bullish, yellow being semi bullish and red being a bearish.


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